Written by: Mark Turnbull

One problem we eventually run into is where to mount the things that are necessary for every day wheeling.  A  mandatory item for any wheeling trip is a fire extinguisher!  Most fire extinguishers come with some kind of mounting hardware that either requires some drilling or a trip to Home Depot to find something that you can use to secure it to the vehicle.    A well thought out design, some webbing and Velcro, strap it to the roll bar and ta dah, the perfect solution!  JeepXtras.com has come up with a few custom aftermarket accessories for your Jeep to make things convenient and or handy in an emergency.   What first caught our attention was the Deluxe Fire Extinguisher Harness.  The number one concern is where to put the fire extinguisher so you can get to it in a hurry!  This product makes it easy.   Let's face it, when you need it, you need it NOW!
JeepXtras makes other goodies too like roll bar hangers to stow your gear out of the way, sport handles to grab onto in crazy off road situations, flashlight holders, drink holders for the rear passengers and more. 

Here's a bonus, they come in a variety of color combos to make it easy to color coordinate these products to your vehicle!   I borrowed the color chart from their web site... hope they don't mind.

To install, pick the perfect place and strap it on. 

If you have no roll bar padding in the area where you will be placing the harness, you will need to substitute the padding for something that the Velcro can grip to.   The manufacturer recommends anything from electric tape to duck tape.  We used old padding material from the inside of the old roll bar covers.

Conclusion:   Very affordable hand made products that make it easy to put the things you need within reach!  

Source: JeepXtras