written by: Mark Turnbull

We just love to accessorize our Jeep vehicles don't we.  It's a Jeep thing, you understand?  Sure you do!   Recently, while glancing through a non-Jeep related magazine,  I spotted what may be the coolest way to personalize your vehicle.   Check out this little beauty.  It screams, adventure, the great outdoors, Jeep!  At least that's what it screams to me!

It's the Fish On Sportsman Truck Antenna from Tenna Toys.  It is an all stainless steel 31 inch OEM length truck antenna designed to look just like a fishing rod.   Sorry about the picture on the left, antennas are not easy to take pictures of, on the right is an example from their web site.  It's made with actual stainless steel fishing guides...that not only look cool but will enhance your radio reception, claims the maker.   Plus all of their antennas are warranted forever, bonus! 

I would agree with the folks at Frogworks, the Tenna Toys parent company, this just may be the coolest antenna ever created!

Tenna Toys come in a wide variety of attention getting designs including other truck manufacturer logos and at a very reasonable price!  Tenna Toys also makes a Jeep  antenna, of course!

Installation note:  Antenna studs are not universal, this was news to me.  Tenna Toys has made this stumbling block painless and free.  If your antenna comes with a stud that does not fit your planned application, call the toll free number on the back of the package and in no time the correct stud will be in your mail box free of charge!

Conclusion:  We think it's one very creative way to individualize your Jeep vehicle!  

Source: Frogworks

07/31/07 update:  We've beaten, slapped and banged this antenna down many a tree and bush lined trail for some time now with no damage.  It has held together just fine.   Since this write up was posted they have introduced a new line of antenna's that you can actually fish with!   New styles have also been introduced!