Written by: Mark Turnbull

Drag you rear end up and over a rock and the end result will likely be one bent drive shaft or a busted u-joint and a broken pinion yoke!  One thing that anyone who plays on the rocks knows, Rocks Bite!  It can get very expensive.   Lot's of  stuff under your Jeep you need to be concerned about.  Thee most important being your drive shafts.   If you haven't already, sooner or later your going to end up slapping one against an immovable object like a rock, tree stump or worse.   In recent years I have, myself,  spent more time rock hopping.   Not too long ago I dropped a few pretty pennies for a pair of shiny new Tom Woods shafts.  Soooo... I wanted to find a way to keep from high centering on my drive shaft, knocking off the balance weights, breaking a u-joint, yoke or worse, I made a call to Jim and Chris at Nth Degree!  They've been making some radical new stuff for Jeeps.   

The Nth Degree-Slider axle differential and pinion skid is made from 1/4" formed steel and is gusseted to create a rock-proof shield.   It's Bolt On!  Most applications use only 2 main pieces and minimal welds to assure it won't fall apart!  Just look at this thing...it's super beefy!  This skid plate extends beyond the pinion to protect the spinning yoke and u-joint.   Oh, It's Bolt On!  Installation is quick and easy, three u-bolts (one over the pinion and one on each axle tube).  Like any manufacturers of off road products that require installation, they include an install guide, 3 pages long!   WAIT A SECOND...it's just three u-bolts, why three pages of info to cover that?   Because, they cover every possible question you might have for every situation you may encounter during your installation.  These guys have done their homework!  And it's Bolt On!     

The previous owner of the XJ Dana 44 currently under my '95 YJ, had a welded on (not Bolt On) axle wrap bar (eeeww).  I called my friend Jack at No Excuses, inc and threatened to go public with "pictures" from our last party,  unless he let me use his lift and torch.   And I really wanted to play with fire, really, really  bad!!!   


Very important installation notification!  If you are sprung over or have that dreaded axle wrap.  This "Slider" is one part of a multi part system that rids your vehicle of that.  And the best part... it's all  BOLT ON!   They make it very clear on the first page of the install guide,  that vehicles with excessive pinion wind up could experience drive shaft contact.   If you have this hideous axle wrap condition Bolt On the "Stinger".



Finally, There are cut outs and drainage holes so water and dirt won't accumulate.   It hides all the edges and bumps of the stock differential casting, making it easier to slide over obstacles.  It also hides the flange lip at the back where the cover bolts on (you know that part of the rear axle that catches on everything).  Oh, at post time they make one to fit the '83-'96 XJ, MJ, YJ, ZJ and TJ, WJ-'97-now Dana 35/ 35c.  The Dana 44-3 iron rear (all Jeeps, '50's-now) and the TJ Rubicon Dana 44 front axle.  Bonus, there is the  D44DIY version (Do-it-yourself) for adaptation to front axles.


Conclusion:  It won't cost you any ground clearance.   It's very tough!  Now when a bystander yells..."oohhh that sounds expensive", you can laugh it off and concentrate on the next obstacle!


Nth Degree Closes their doors!

September 21, 2007 -

Contact: 248.926.0256 ext. 325
Email: nthdegree@aev-conversions.com

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) to Pick Up Significant Amount of Product Line from Recently Closed Nth Degree Mobility

Missoula, Montana, Sept. 19, 2007 - Missoula-based American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), long a favorite supplier of aftermarket parts to the Jeep off-road community, will soon be adding the highly-regarded Nth Degree Mobility suspension lift kits to its expanding product line.

Off-road enthusiasts have bemoaned the recent closing of Nevada-based Nth Degree Mobility, provider of innovative and expertly engineered long-arm and short-arm suspension lift kits, among other products. Now AEV announces it will pick up a “significant” portion of Nth Degree’s inventory and product line, with plans to continue manufacturing and distributing those products “in the near future.”

AEV asks for patience as it moves over inventory and equipment, but promises the same commitment to quality and innovation that Nicole and Jim Frens provided Nth Degree Mobility customers for years.

“It’s really unfortunate that Nth Degree had to close its doors. Nth Degree has been a major innovator in the suspension industry and has developed a near cult following with good reason,” said Dave Harriton, President of AEV. “Because this has happened so quickly, we are still trying to determine how long it will take for us to incorporate their products into our system. It is our goal, however, to have most of the existing suspension line back on the market along with several new products in the near future.”

“Most of the line will remain unchanged, although we will be simplifying and redesigning some of the existing components to make it easier for our dealer network to stock and for our users to install,” Harriton said.

AEV itself has been an Nth Degree customer, employing its suspension and skidplate products on AEV conversion vehicles. AEV will integrate Nth Degree’s design, engineering, and development operations into AEV’s Missoula, Montana facility while warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing will be moved into AEV’s Walled Lake, Michigan plant. Watch for further announcements on plans for former Nth Degree products at www.aev-conversions.com.

Regarded as the premier innovator in the Jeep aftermarket, as well as the only supplier of fully-validated, all-steel stamped parts and accessories for Jeeps, AEV continues a rapid expansion of its offerings to the dedicated Jeep community.

In the past year, the company has brought forth a number of products for the popular new Jeep Wrangler (JK), including a stamped front bumper, hood, corner guards, wheels, and skid plates, among others. The company’s fully-integrated “Brute” conversion kit has electrified the off-road community, providing all parts needed to convert a TJ Wrangler into a custom AEV Brute pickup.

Several AEV vehicles will be featured at the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Oct. 30 - Nov.2, including a fully-equipped AEV 4-Door Wrangler (JK) with a custom Kicker Audio sound system; a four door Wrangler Unlimited with a 525HP 6.4L HEMI will also be featured.